Although the competition is now closed, we would still love you to share your own photos of the most important people and interactions in your life.  By sharing your photos, you share your stories.  

Simply #greatinteractions

Please share your photographs on Instagram or Twitter or upload them to our dedicated Facebook page with the hashtag #greatinteractions

By sharing your photos, we are hoping this will highlight the lives of people with learning disabilities and autism, and allow these small moments of meaning help us to understand what connects us.

The Prize Draw closed on 11th April 2016 and the prizes were won by:

BEN MARTIN c/o Nicola Martin – Fuji Instax Camera
Nicola shared these photos of Ben on Facebook and explained that:

Ben is currently doing a survey of English churches – he tours around the South of England on public transport on his own, visiting churches, and then he has a 3 point grading system which he puts on Twitter! He’s only 13 but he’s the most classically Autistic boy his therapist has ever worked with (she says!) #greatinteractions

2016-04-14_0002Response from Ben’s mother on hearing that he had won the camera…

Ben has actually won the camera?? If so, I can’t tell you how happy that will make him – he suffers terribly from low self esteem and any opportunity we get to make him feel lucky and good about himself is invaluable! He will love being able to record his trips around London and the South. Thank you so much!!!

SADIE DUNNE (Winner of Great Interactions Photobook)

AMELIA DOBIE (Winner of Great Interactions Photobook)

Amelia Dobie
Amelia shared this photo on Facebook of her sons Jago & Vito in the woods.


MIRANDA DIXON (Winner of Great Interactions Photobook)

Miranda Dixon Tweet
Miranda Dixon Photo Entry shared on Twitter

JESS SQUIRES (Winner of Great Interactions Photobook)

Jess Squires - Tweet
Jess Squires Photo Entry via Twitter


MATTHEW CROWTHER – Winner of Cinema Tickets for The Picture House at The National Media Museum

Matthew Crowther Retweet
Matthew Crowther retweeting details about the exhibition